What Are The Differences Between Floss?

Flossing was invented by Dr. Levi Spear Parmly who had the genius idea of using silken wax to clean in between the teeth. This invention is now one of the most important hygiene habits. Most people probably never give it to much thought, but they can tell the difference between good floss and and cheap floss. Here is a quick guide on what the differences are between types of floss and how to know which one to purchase when the time comes. There are also many types of flossing aids like flossing sticks or vibrating flossers, but we aren’t going into detail on those in this post. 

  1. Waxed and Unwaxed Floss – Unwaxed threads arguably absorb food particles a little better that waxed. And waxed floss can leave a film on the teeth which can draw in more plaque. But on the other hand waxed floss has been noted to be a little smoother and moves easier in-between teeth than unwaxed. These are also know to fray when the catch on rough parts of the teeth. If you’re looking to purchase this type we would recommend Oral-B Waxed.
  2. Teflon Floss – Teflon has no stick and if it does than it pulls away very quickly. A recognizable brand that uses teflon floss would be Crest “Glide” floss. Many people love this brand and is probably one of the most popular floss brands used today. It slides in-between teeth super easily and is very comfortable around your fingers as well.
  3. Thread Floss – Pretty simple and straight forward. It is made from nylon and is one of the most used flosses used due to low cost. 
  4. Tape Floss – Also knows as Dental Floss, this final type of floss is a bit thicker than most conventional types of floss and is great for people who have widely gapped teeth. Tape floss also rarely frays or breaks, which is nice for people who have rougher teeth. A great brand for this type of floss is Colgate Dental Tape.

These are the top four types of floss. There are some variations of each, but the core makeup of floss will eventually break down into one of these. If you have feel that might need some more flossing tips or would like to get a deep teeth cleaning, than fill out our contact form or give us a call!

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