What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Your whole life you have gone to the dentist, gotten your teeth cleaned, cavities filled, and other regular dental practices. But did you know that your favorite family dentist also does cosmetic dentistry? Whether you have a chipped tooth, a gap, discoloration, or misshapen teeth, we are here to help you get the smile of your dreams. Cosmetic dentistry is an art and science. By combining dental treatments with optional cosmetic enhancements, we are trained and ready to help you fix those slight imperfections.

Cosmetic dentistry is used to refer to dental treatments that are not necessary for your health, but will improve the appearance of your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is fully optional, but might be recommended on specific occasions. Cosmetic dentistry primarily focuses on improvements on the color, shape, position, size, and alignment of your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is most commonly performed to correct gaps, chipped teeth, any discolored teeth. Depending on the severity of your dental imperfections, your dentist may recommend a different treatment. Make sure to do your research on each type of cosmetic solution, to make sure you are comfortable and know what you are going in to. In the end, your cosmetic dentist is trained and will probably offer up the best advice, so open your mind to what they have to say.

There are many different sects of cosmetic dentistry such as bleaching, bonding, veneers, and contouring and reshaping. Each of these solutions fix a different issue. Bleaching is used to fix discoloration in teeth. Bleaching is best done in your dental office, but in some instances can be administered at home. Bonding is a treatment that consists of using a tooth colored material to fill in gaps, or change the color of teeth. Bonding is also used to fixed chipped teeth and slightly decaying teeth. This solution is also helpful for small tooth reshaping. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or plastic that are placed over teeth to change the color, shape, and alignment of teeth. Veneers are used to treat almost any cosmetic imperfection your teeth may have. Veneers and bonding typically do the same job, however veneers last longer, but can be more expensive depending on what needs to be fixed. Contouring and reshaping teeth is a solution to crooked teeth, chipped teeth, irregularly shaped teeth, and even overlapping teeth. This is typically used to lengthen, shape, or reposition teeth.

Now you might be thinking, “Which of these procedures is right for me?” Well that is where your dentist comes in. The best way to figure out your cosmetic dentistry plan is to talk to your dentist about it. They will have your health history and will be the best person to help you with your cosmetic decisions. If your dentist does not offer cosmetic dentistry then head on over! We are always eager to help new customers get the smile they want. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, give us a call or fill out the webform.

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